NJ-bred, Boston-fed and now Berkeley-stead, I occasionally make music, mostly trying to wedge myself somewhere between late 70s punk-adjacents and self-conscious singer/songwriters. Typical ingredients: 1 part jangle, 1 part spastic, 1 part forlorn gazing out the window, 1/3 part shimmer.

I got back into into it kinda recently, playing various instruments in a studio group called Berkeley Social Scene and doing my own shazz, occasionally participating in a thing called Song Fight, where a title is announced and you submit a finished song within 10 days.  People then vote and a winner, of no prize or consequence, mind you, is declared.

I previously led Boston-based pop avatars Capital City from 1999 through 2002, playing guitar, singing and awkwardly hitting keys. We released a full album, a single and an EP to modest (of modest) indie-rock acclaim.  Check out our catalog at Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music and, of course, Bandcamp.